End of Classes

As you can probably guess, the school year has finished up for me. I’m handing out a warning for all (my family and Max) my readers about the summer posts. Though there will definitely be more art posts, I will be posting about artists I am researching. One of my teachers from foundations suggested I go on an art history exploration and that is what I plan to do.

Finally Friday

Today was a pretty easy class. It was just a workday, which I was a little unhappy about because I left my embroidery in my room. Instead I worked on a new assignment they gave us, the empty a pen project. In the next week we have to empty a whole pen on a big piece of paper. I started drawing a village. Unfortunately this week started catching up to me and I fell asleep on the paper. I was out for about half an hour but no one woke me up and the professors didn’t seem bothered. All in all, not a bad day.


Today we played pictionary in class! I got to let my compeditive side out. Very fun. Unfortunately we lost, but the teachers were definitely favoring the other team, giving them hints. And we were cheated two points. 😦 All in all, still fun. Great class.

Guess What?

The class that this website was for is now done. Therefore I get to do whatever I want to this blog from now on. Yippee! So get excited for shorter! and more! content.

Also please stop showing that video of me walking around the McLane building, that’s directed at you Family.