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Doing my best

This was one of my most frustrating projects. We were told to work for an hour on a sculpture, then draw it for and hour. We then repeated that four more times.

Because I was doing homework for my Thursday/Friday class most of last week, I was only able to work on it over the weekend. I was really burnt out and this project was a struggle. I had no ideas for the sculptures and that made me more frustrated when working on the drawings. I think the idea of the project was interesting but I do not think I work well under such a vague prompt and a controlled time table.

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Painting practice

So I’m not particularly good at acrillic painting. I never really had the tools for it or a teacher that focused on it so I never practiced it. But recently I’ve been watching how to videos on YouTube about acrillic painting (mostly to help me fall asleep) but it has been helping. Therefore I decided tonight was the night to just mess around in paper.

Finally Friday

Today was a pretty easy class. It was just a workday, which I was a little unhappy about because I left my embroidery in my room. Instead I worked on a new assignment they gave us, the empty a pen project. In the next week we have to empty a whole pen on a big piece of paper. I started drawing a village. Unfortunately this week started catching up to me and I fell asleep on the paper. I was out for about half an hour but no one woke me up and the professors didn’t seem bothered. All in all, not a bad day.