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Painting Studio: My Work

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Project in White

For this panting project, we’re focusing on white. Mine will be a focus on underpainting. While we were working, I realized I couldn’t see any of the marks I was making. I decided to just go in heavy handed to get the piece started.

Institutional Critique

This week in art history we read about Institutional Critique. It was an art movement that started in the 1930s but took real strength in the 1960s. As the name would suggest it is a critique of the art institution, and how artists and their work are treated within it. The movement began with artists protesting the treatment they were getting from the art institution, specifically museums, curators, and the like.

However, as the movement got popular it was adopted by the very institution it was criticizing. Museums began to show more pieces that questioned the existing system. The main goal of the critique was to change the existing system and make it better or scrap the original and begin anew. The pieces ranged from passive protests, pieces that were meant to give awareness to the viewer by did not overly affect the existing systems all the way to more dangerous protests which could result in violence or danger to the population. More often then not, the piece would express a view the museum or collector would not appreciate and thus be taken down.