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William Morris

William Morris is a British activist who worked created work as a poet, textile designer, novelist, and translator in the 1800s. He was an important member of The Arts and Crafts Movement. He helped revived the traditional British methods of textile arts and methods of production. His home, the Red House, London, was co-designed by Morris and Phillip Webb in the 1859 and 1860. It is now one of the most important examples of British 1800s architecture. This was Morris’s first dive into independent architecture.

After this he began the Firm, a company co-created by five other artists of the time. The goal of the company was to reintroduce decoration as a fine art. The group sought to return completely to medieval gothic methods of craft mans ship. They worked to erase elitism over their work along with generating work that was affordable for people. By 1875, Morris had complete control of the Firm.

He created over 600 hundred textile designs for wallpaper, textiles, and fabrics. He became a manufacturer because he wished to make his own designs.