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Still working on an Embroidery Idea

This was my original idea. I wanted to make a little character, Harrison, who represented me. On it’s clothing would be people, places, and things that I think affected and shaped my personality. The patches would be what people see when they look at me, representing how that affects me too. On the back I was going to leave all the string loose and hanging, at the bottom would be a patch which read “Justice” as that is my identity in a nutshell, my name.

However, after a rather unsuccessful critique, I began to rethink. Over the weekend I got together with a few friends and began to brainstorm. At first, I didn’t really come up with anything.Brain Storm 1

Then I just started asking everything people thought of me. Here’s what we came up with: bear wearing boxing gloves – anxious – hair cut (coconut) (bowl cut) – getting really angry – chillin’ – round face – flow – queer – beautiful person – glasses – rolling with the punches – tiny person – thorny – Danny Phantom – Bravest Warriors – dork – nerd (book) (comic) (movie) (TV show) (anime) – sleepy (tired) – shy but confident – colorful (as in clothing) – cartoon character – non-bianery – blunt – sweat – warhead candy

After that I actually began coming up with ideas. I originally had thought about maybe creating multiples of my character Harrison, to show how ordinary I really am. I don’t feel particularly unique and that doesn’t bother me. My mind is unique but my “identity” in terms of race, ethnicity, class, age, and culture do not set me apart. And they don’t need to. What sets me apart is how I think, not an equation to create the perfect person. My next idea had to do with, as the teacher called it “rebellion” against the labels the teachers gave us to work with. All I could think of were the Russian dolls that fit into one another (specifically the part where North explains his “center” to Jack in the Rise of the Guardian movie). However, I couldn’t figure out how to do that in a powerful manner using fabric and embroidery.

My last idea is a kind of diary. A few fabric pages, put together  to express all that I believe makes up my identity. With in the book will be labels, loosely sown to the pages, possibly beginning to be ripped off. The book will be a collection of what I think my identity is made of not what others believe it to be. I will probably be seven or so “pages” and a cover if I have time. I’m not completely sure this is what I’m going to do yet but I really need to get working.

Brain Storm 2


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