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Monoprinting vs Monotype


Monoprinting is a form of printmaking that has lines or images that can only be made once, unlike most printmaking, where there are multiple originals. -> This is what we are doing in class. For next Thursday we have to make three mono prints. One, the smallest, must be about something intimate, a close up, or something along those lines. I was thinking about toes because they aren’t something people usually look at but then I remembered flip-flops were a thing and I scrapped that idea. The second, half a sheet of paper, is supposed to be something common. Something non-offensive and classic. I’m thinking a coffee mug, maybe with a book or paper and pen. The last is the largest, the public. This is supposed to be a statement piece. I have to decide what my statement would be. It has to be what I feel strong about. Listening maybe. But that is what my manifesto is about. We’ll see.

Monotyping is a type of printmaking made by drawing or painting on a smooth, non-absorbent surface. The surface, or “matrix”, was historically a copper etching plate, but in contemporary work it can vary from zinc or glass to acrylic glass. This is interesting. I’m not sure you really understand what this is unless you see a video about it happening. However, I will not be supplying that video. Go look it up. Youtube education, as they say.

Today we talked about a few artists in class. The two I like the most were Frank Auerbach and Maggi Hambling. Frank Auerbach was born in 1931 and is usually shown as a painter. However, we were told to focus on his charcoal drawings for this project.head-of-cathrine-lampert-vihghg This piece is is really visually interesting because it is questioning your perception. Though everyone can see the person, the detail is hard to distinguish. The mark making is harsh and fuzzy, and the layers affect how it is viewed. You can look at it for a long time, letting your eye follow different lines and tones.

Maggi Hamling is a sculptor and painter. Her work is also shown with a certain quickness of her hand. As if she made this in a matter of minutes though it was probably made with excruciating, methodical, work. I love the choice of color in the piece. I didn’t pick one of the more colorful paintings because I like the lack in this one. It is black and white, with a hint of yellow tones. It is simple because it doesn’t need anything else. You can feel the power of the wave and in your mind’s eye you see the end of the motion.



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