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See Lab – Being myself

We have been given a five weeks to make an embroidery project. There aren’t really any specifics about it other then that it has to be about our identity. We were asked to do some sketches about designations of our identity; class, age, race, gender, ethnicity, culture, and sexuality. This is what I came up with:

Although these were just prompts to get us thinking about the project, I didn’t think they helped. When I think about my identity, I don’t put myself in these boxes. When I think about my identity, I don’t really think about it through labels. I mostly think about myself as a person, nothing else. Not a girl, not a boy, not Italian, not American, not high-middle class, not white (though that is probably because I am white), or anything. I’m just me.

Mom said I should go back and look at my personal manifesto. That is a wonderful idea, thanks mom. But it got me thinking, and I should just go through all the projects I’ve done this year, or even before that. I’ll probably start a personal art mining for ideas tomorrow. I know once I’ve started this project, ideas will be jumping off the wall but I haven’t started yet. I need a jumping point, a place to take the first step before I can start running.

I’ll probably call my mom or something if I don’t think of something by Thursday. The beginning is always the hardest. Until you get to the end, then that’s the hardest.


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