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Coffee Ritual

During the first block, we began a coffee ritual in Kat’s class. [By the way, I just realized how confusing that can be for my family because I have a cousin named Cat. I call both of them Kat but it’s usually in specific situations so I never thought about it.] It started when Kat told us to bring a mug to drink from, because that has to be specified when students use mugs for paint water, for class one Tuesday.

The first Tuesday, we just walked to the teacher’s lounge and got coffee and tea. After that the class was just about existing artists who’s work had to do with rituals. This was, of course, to kick off the ritual project. We were then informed that each week a pair or group of students would run the coffee ritual.

The next week Sara and John, people who live in Ope with me and are awesome, did the coffee ritual. Their’s was to spill the coffee on a paper and doodle with it. Though it seemed like a cool idea, it didn’t really work at first. Then we kind of loosened up and it was actually really fun. It was a nice prompt to just doodle with.

The next week Mac and Grace started us off with a few videos. I don’t remember much of Mac’s, other then it probably made me uncomfortable because that is the goal of most of the videos she shows interest in and makes. They are all very interesting and usually have some kind of message but not really my cup of tea. Grace’s was “Skate Witches” which was this very weird, very Grace, video about three women in the 90s, I think, who skate boarded.

After that was Anya and my turn. I was thinking about coffee specifically and how to counter act coffee jitters. I wanted to do the opposite of what people drank coffee for. Plus I am taking a dance class. For our ritual I led the class in a guided meditation. I asked them to pay attention to specific body parts, relaxing them as we went. However, I was getting sick so my voice wasn’t the best and I was really worried people wouldn’t like it so I went through the whole meditation really fast. Afterwards every one seemed to enjoy it, and seemed like they probably would have actually enjoyed doing for longer. After the relaxation, Anya pumped up everyone again by showing them the Obama happy dance video. Very amusing.

The last week was Josh and Maggie’s turn. Kat wasn’t there, so. It was also our last ritual day. We did a Buzzfeed quiz about coffee. It was all random and difficult questions about coffee. All in all, I really loved this project. It was something to look forward to each week and I kind of wish we could continue it in the next class. Of course, we won’t because it takes time and probably has nothing to do with what the next class is about.


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