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The Ritual Project

Okay. So over the last cluster of weeks I have been uploading posts with have my homework to do with the class’s ritual project. And I didn’t explain any of it.

It started with the sixty iterations of a mundane task. This began when the teacher asked us to write down everything we did in a day. Once we had our list, we were to pick something to repeat sixty times in sixty different ways. I did this and my post which has my recordings of it. I didn’t really like most of my tries with this. My drawings weren’t very impressive, my writings were boring, and I didn’t really know what I was doing when I was taking the picture. The video showed how rigidly I was thinking about the project. At that point is wasn’t art, it was piano practice.

Instead of beginning a new project, our next homework assignment was to narrow down our ritual and make it better. Think outside the box. The first week, we were supposed to think about what we could do. We only needed four iterations this time and we had more time to work with. I uploaded a small part of my thinking process. In class we spoke to the teacher about how to do our projects and what we could do to make them better. Whenever I speak to the teacher, I feel like I’m bursting with ideas but when I walk away it’s like they disappear. That makes me so annoyed because I want to do good work but it’s hard when you need to think through everything with other people. Anyway, these are the two parts of the ritual I uploaded and the explanation to that.

Lastly we were told to create a final piece for critique. Mine was the dance video. It was just a refinement of the dance I did for the four rituals but seeing it stacked up against all the work I had done this semester actually made me feel like I had improved. The first 60, I was so stuck in my head about the project. I wasn’t thinking about it like an art project, I was thinking about it the way I think about preforming piano pieces. After having time to think about the project and talk to Kat, I was able to get out of my head a little bit. I put on my art cap. It became more about the representation of the piece and less about playing the piece itself. Though a lot of my projects were just me throwing something on the wall to see what sticks it helped me learn.

I love writing. One of my four projects was just constant thought. It was a good idea but it wasn’t displayed well. I need to use the right materials, i.e. good paper, a nice pen, maybe some sort of frame, to make it art work. Doing it helped me realize that I will always incorporate writing in my work, it’s just how I think. Now I know some ways to make it better. Then the project with all of my friends, when I tried to get them to play the piano taught me something too. When you are “choreographing” a performance piece there are lots of things that need to be controlled. You need to read the situation and bend it to where you need it to be for the piece. You also need to know how to talk to people so they will do what you ask of them. You need to be a director. And at the time, I wasn’t a very good one.

Lastly my dance project. It was the one I chose to recreate for my final piece. I completely abstracted the original idea, practicing piano, by taking out any form of sound. The dance is me playing the song, specifically the melody of the piece but through movements instead of playing the notes on a keyboard. I really like this piece. It was fun to do because of the dance and it was fun to think of. I would really enjoy becoming some form of performance artist in the future or at least have it be a part of my practice. This piece let me explore a small portion of what that could be. It has also convinced me to continue taking dance classes to further my knowledge in that field.


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