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Roadblock Cleared

Apparently all I need to get past art block is to have a conversation with my sister, Emily. We were talking about my manifesto and my lack of interest; immediately she fixed it. She just said to think about it in relation to the book 1984. Posters to fight against the government. Suddenly I’m looking at this in a whole new way. It’s no longer my crappy personal manifesto. Now it has become a story. And I can work with a story.


See. Not that great. And this is better then when I had them all laid out, haphazardly on the table, with their corners slightly curling.

So the first thing I did was take everything down. I didn’t really like the way they were set up on the wall. There wasn’t a lot of purpose to my choices. Even though I liked a lot of the statements I had chosen, the way they were being shown was boring. Everything other then “Listen” was illegible and there wasn’t a reason why. But I realized even though I had  made a lot of my print, there still wasn’t enough to fill a satisfactory amount of space on the wall. Therefore I began to make more material. As every foundations teacher will say, more material means more to work from.


I created a city scape with the ink I had from my prints and just put it slightly under. I also made a little poster with a monster spewing opinions on an unidentified person. As I worked on my city scape, I took brakes to sit down and glue together my print pieces. Emily, always willing to help with art, was working on outlining the word “Listen” with black paint. Once both were finished, I mixed a bloody color and dragged fingerprints  down under the letters. This was no longer an innocent plea to let others speak, it was an order from the government, from a higher power to do as you’re told.


That done, it began to look like a wall. Now my other words were beginning to take a shape. They weren’t just illegible scribbles I had put on my piece, they were graffiti. Specifically graffiti from the resistance. The goal of the resistance, my manifesto, was to take the word of power, listen, and turn it into something good. Listen to others, stop doing nothing, let your opinion change, always tell the truth, etc. That thought in mind, we needed more graffiti to make it feel real.

We went up to the computer lab to make some copies of a pattern Anya made for me and look up some other images. We looked up some images of classified documents and Emily helped look up some quotes to put on the wall. When we went back down, I taped the posters over “Listen” purposefully.


The purpose of the pattern, at least in the context, was to make a mockery of the government’s message. They tell you what to do and you don’t have a say. Next I chose the resistence’s color, red, and gave it a watercolor wash. I also ripped down the sudo-posters to kinda show how the gov’t would respond.


Last but not least, I added my graffiti monster. Then we went to get food. It was really nice. I was glad to finally get out of my head about this project. I am finally having fun with it.



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