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Manifesto for the Day

In class we’ve been working on personal manifestos. Over time they have grown and changed. We are currently working on a booklet format that will be used by another student in a different Foundations class. I’m a little uninspired I guess. I just don’t have an idea, which can be annoying when you have to bang out a project in about a week.

In other news, my sister is in town for the weekend. She got in late last night so I’m extremely sleep deprived. That being said I’m really happy she’s here. Maybe she can help with that inspiration problem I have. If not, I’ll just have to figure it out.

I also have to do most of my ritual project. I’ve worked on a few of my iterations but nothing that I want to use for video. I also need to figure out how I want to do my drawing and my photographs. I hate photography, mostly because I’m not very adept at it. Hopefully that will get a little better over time.


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