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Brainstorming for ritual

One song

   Really good at it

      Not sure if I have a song I’m particularly good at

      “Medieval Fair” very pretty and simple

   Completely new

      That might be difficult

      “Allegro Grazioso” a lot like the songs I played as a kid




      No recording, a one-time performance

   Outside of writing?

      American Sign Language – but that would be a lot of research

   No typing

      Handwritten is pretty easy, not exactly pretty

   Letter to note from story

   Write a story then every letter is a note on the piano

      But this doesn’t really jive with the one song idea

   Writing the feeling of playing

      I don’t really like high notes because my hearing is kind of sensitive, I’ve thought about this kind of thing a lot. I could probably write a book about memories and sound.

      I like this idea the best, it would be fun to do

Do not stick in the medium

   Play without the piano

      I have actually been doing this around my room and stuff

      Easier to do because having a piano around all the time is difficult

      Tends to make all the songs blur into thumps – I can hear the music, cause I know what it should sound like but I don’t know how that would translate to another person

Record the piano

   Dance to it – that could be video or photo

Play the piano through other people

   Every key would be played by a different person, I would direct them through the piece

   I could teach another person to play the song

Listen to the song, instead of playing it



Ink on fingers as I play the song

Dance the letters of the notes

Dance the story

I’m taking a dance class, so it’s on the mind


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