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60 Repetitions


31 – One of my iterations was that I played Maple Leaf Ragtime, the jazz piece, as quietly as I was able.

32 – Then I played it only with my right hand.

33 – Next the left.

34 – Now I played two measures three times, then the next two measures. Then I continued to play the whole song in pieces and parts, repeating as I continued.

35 – Next I played it with a metronome, varying the speeds until I was able to play a quarter note 160 beats per second.

36 – When I began to play the Aurora Borealis, I played as loud as I could. Instead of using the damper pedal I used sostenuto pedal, which makes the notes louder.

37 – Then I played it next, I only used my index fingers. It was very slow and choppy.

38 – For the last time I played this song, for every note written I played it six times. So the song was extremely long.

39 – Now “Jurassic Park.” I played it with just the right hand.

40 – Then just my left hand, mostly because this is the hardest song I’m currently working.

41 – Next I played it in parts and pieces. Every time I messed up I started two measures previous.

42 – When I played In the Hall of the Mountain King, I played it two keys off. So the song started on C instead of A. I had to stop a few times to change the sharps and flats to fit in the song.

43 – While playing it staccato, I did my best to play as softly as I could.

44 – When that didn’t really work, I played the song again but without pressing down on any of the keys. Just lightly tapping on top of the keys.

45 – Next I tried to play the song but only playing every other note. It was really difficult to only read half of the music. I had to keep stopping to remind myself not to play certain notes.



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