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Yarn (blast from the past)

It started with 30 objects. Over one week, everyone in class was told to make and bring in for the Monday class 30 textile “objects”. 10 had to linear, 10 plans, and 10 “circular” objects, though they didn’t actually have to be circular.

After that Angie, our teacher, told us to put them all up. She gave specific and unspecific directions of where to put things. First we had to put up our ten linear objects, all in different places around the room. Next our plans, all around the room. But we were told to hold off on putting up the circular objects.

It looked pretty cool but mostly like a mess. There wasn’t a rhyme or reason to any of the decisions that had been made. Our homework was to clean it up.

After one night of just looking around and deciding what was good or bad. Taking away and adding. It looked better, less chaotic. To us, it looked good enough. But we were told to continue working on it.

Our class worked on the room for another week. We added, we took away, and we moved things around. By the end it was almost like a wonderland. I was a bit amazed by the transformation. Very cool.

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