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Finished Product?

After doing the individual projects we were told to work on our entire wall as a connected piece. In theory it shouldn’t have been too hard, we were all using the same medium and we’ve been working with these people all year.

This is what we had accomplished in class the first day:


Not great, I know. We still had a lot to do and a week to do it. Unfortunately we didn’t really have a plan in mind. It was a lot of confused creating and just putting something on the wall. We did a midway critique and it really helped us create a vision for our group and the whole wall.

Over the weekend everyone came in a different times to really bang this project out. And this is what was done:

After critic we were given the task of “fixing” and “finishing” the opposing wall. It was a bit of a blow. After the critic, we all had new ideas to improve our work but then we had to hand it over to the other people in the room. Let them take what we liked and do what they wished.

All in all, though, I’m pretty proud of what we did and how it turned out.


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