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My day

Yesterday’s art homework was interesting. We had to do 60 drawings. 20 were blind contour face drawings, 20 blind contour body drawings, and 20 negative space drawings. A blind contour is when you draw one continuous line but you only focus on your subject. Your eyes never look at the page and your pencil never leaves it. A negative drawing is when you only shade the negative spaces in the piece. Meaning you don’t actually draw the person.

Today will hopefully be fine. I’m making up an in-class essay because I was sick on Friday. I’m pretty confedent. I had a plan last Friday and now I’ve had more time to look at my notes and whatnot.

I’m also planning to finish my homework for the Thursday class. We’re supposed to do an observation drawing of architecture on campus. I’m thinking of doing a door way or something like that. I’m not really sure what they want from us.

I also plan to meet up with Char to work on art history together. I had hoped to get this bit of research we have to do done by the weekend but there just weren’t enough hours. Good thing I got all my reading done though.


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