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Stay Still!

Today we did still lifes! Finally, the class that I may not be good at but I know how to do. It stormed all through class, which was awesome and terriffying.

First we drew with charcoal taped to a long stick while we weren’t aloud to look at our paper. Then we drew with our nondomanint hands. Mostly it was a bunch of squiggles and such. Then we actually got to it. We worked on a few drawings for a long time, trying to get the proportions of each object correctly.

Bonus! My homework:

In other news, I forgot my piano music at home so I had to spend twenty minutes printing music mom took pictures of for class. Yesterday I got two packages from two different aunts. One was full of MORE Halloween decorations, thank you Aunt Bev and Uncle Ed. My second package was from Aunt Di and Uncle Steve, and I was happy to find it full of food! So pretty good day.


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