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Final Project

For our presentation, our group dressed up as professionals and got together in a conference room of the Alumni Building. Each of us brought a nonsensical topic and four directives for if any of us laugh during a presentation.

I made the unfortunate decision to sit right beside where the presenter would be speaking. Which means, I had to keep a straight face when the performer was staring right at me. I am awful at not laughing, especially when someone tells me I’m not supposed to.

When we started, it was a little awkward. We were still kinda figuring out the logistics and nervousness over having to purposely make someone laugh. However as the hour rolled on, we got more comfortable. Though I wasn’t great at getting people to laugh, everyone was able to get a few chuckles the first day, at least. Some performances were too hard to keep a straight face. Half way through we had to start writing new directives because we had gone through all of the existing ones.

It was really fun. We were able to be silly while still working on the project seriously. Everyone put in the effort to be there and have a presentation. Not only that, but we all interacted with one another. I honestly hadn’t thought there would be much talking outside of the individual performances but the group was able to become comfortable and ask questions. Working with more then one person made it even harder for the group to keep a straight face.

The second day was a bit different. We were dressed as “professional artists.” Which means we dressed in what we would wear on regular days. Though everyone did come and participate, the group was a bit more sedated. We weren’t all as prepared as we were for the first performance and it wasn’t as high stakes. We were also a little more prepared for the jokes, changing seating and biting lips at the appropriate time. It was still fun but less put together as the first.


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