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Alumni Hall Research

So we have been researching on and off at the Alumni Hall. It was pretty exciting at first because, while McLane was across campus from us, Alum is just outside my dorm’s windows. However, a fact we didn’t realize until this week, the Alumni building is only open from 8:30 to 4:30. When we are usually in classes. This meant we had little time to do our work inside the building.

And yet we made it through.

First our group research:


Up next we have video of our group during the first day we got together to work on the project.

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Then my individual stuff:

I decided to do a journal about the first time I was inside the Alumni Building. The first time I came to Alfred, I was with my sister. We didn’t really know anything about this place except that it is a college. We got lost and were eventually directed to Alumni Hall. When we walked in, Patty was extremely kind and helpful. She couldn’t get a tour for us and we couldn’t stay for the next one because we still had six or so hours of driving to do. She told us some basic information about the campus and we were on our way.

Here are one and two minimal information links that I was able to find. Mom always said I stunk at online research.

I got interviews with people who work in the building all day.

My interview with Hannah Clark->

J: Okay, so basically when was the first time you came to this building?
H: This building? Uh, I think it was my freshmen year. I had my admissions councilor offer me a student calling position, which I didn’t want. Then he offered me a tour guiding position, so I said here I’ll come on over I’ll show you around and you can apply for the job. Five, six years ago.
J: So how much time do you usually spend here?
H: Right now, I work here all the time. I’m here 8:30 to 4:30 every day but when I was a student I was here five hours a week because I tutored.
J: Do you have any fun stories? What do you remember most about the first time you came here or anything that’s changed?
H: Let’s see. I don’t think a ton has changed. It actually looks exactly the same, which we’re trying to fix soon. But have you been in the whole building?
J: I’ve walked around once or twice but I plan to walk around a bunch more in the next two days.
H: Upstairs in the conference room theres the old, original foundations, so thats cool. And its just, I kinda like the stair cases. I’ll take you up in the crows nest. UP there is the tip top of the building and up there is the bell tower. Its pretty cool. I’ve heard a lot about what Alumni Hall used to be, like its been a theater, and a class room. It’s been a ton of stuff.
J: Is there anything you like to see every day?
H: Yeah, I actually love the opening here. Often times, well usually the second floor is full of councilors and a lot of the times we’ll come and stand over it and look down. There is actually a really good story. Every Halloween the Monisory kids parade through all the buildings and we all stand up there and watch them from above and its really cool. I think thats one of my favorite parts.

Next are as many signs as I could find: (61 signs that I was able to find)

I also interviewed Tami Ellison:

J: how long have you been working here about?
T: I’ve been in admissions for 13 years.
J: Has anything particularly significant changed since then?
T: Has anything been changed?
J: Yeah, like inside, outside?
T: Not really. No the art work around here was changed about five, six years ago. That was nice. Really nothing has changed much.
J: Do you remember the first time you came to the Alumni building?
T: Oh, yeah.
J: What was happening?
T: It was very quiet. And I really liked it and I was like, wow this building’s beautiful. Yeah, it was real quiet when I came in.
J: Are there any stories about something memorable that you think about? Or is there a particular thing about the Alumni building?
T: Gosh, like something funny or something I remember? Oh, in the summer it gets really hot and we have the windows open. And I have a glass of water, and I didn’t have plants at my office at that time so I said I’m gonna chuck it out the window. So before I chucked it out I looked out and my boss was down there. So I’m like I’m so glad I didn’t do that. Everyone got a big kick out of that.
J: That’s great. Is there anything that when you come in in the morning that you look at and it makes you happy, or makes you smile?
T: Yes! The water fountain. If that’s not on, I’ll plug it in because it just makes me relax. And I really enjoy listening to it when I’m at the front desk.
J: Is there anything from the day to day that changes regularly? Or is everything pretty standard?
T: It depends on the amount of visitors we have. Some days its really, really slow. Other days its really busy. When we have a lot of people, its fast paced in here. In the summer its very, very slow. But other then that I can’t think of anything.
Here are some one and two minute sketches:

I seem to be having a little trouble with YouTube today, so I will be uploading again tomorrow.


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