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New Building

Remember how I was in a group with seven other people and we had to focus on a particular building? Yeah, it’s happening again. But this time we’re doing our projects on the Alumni building, which is pretty exciting for Amy and I. We both live right next to it, as opposed to the McLane building which was across campus. The new group is made up of Char (yay!), Jack (cool), Bill (smirk), Amy (good worker), Carlota (don’t know much about her), Brain (who disappears regularly), and Drake (not sure I’ve ever seen him work).

All in all, I’m actually pretty optimistic about this group and how it will work out. We’re all pretty good about working regularly and getting things done on time. I’m pretty good at getting group projects done so I don’t think we will have any problems with getting the non-workers moving. Its just a matter of lining up the jobs and pushing the dominos down.

Yesterday we struggled with picking a building. Apparently three groups all went to the same place to try and explore, the abandoned building by the health center. However, after circling the building once or twice it became apparent that there was only one entrance; a window which was a bit too difficult to get to. I was told the inside was pretty cool but not safe enough to deal with. The floors were gone, or sinking in some of the rooms. Eventually we realized it was not applicable to use it as our building as we would have to continually visit it throughout the coming week.

Instead we chose the Alumni building, a very cool building. It’s one of the oldest buildings on campus and it’s filled with artwork. Generally it’s a very nice building, outside and inside. I’m really happy with the choice.

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