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Zine on the line

As promised, here is the original zine: 

Today our group met together in Cohen. I put together a few articles and stories for the new zine. When I got to Cohen, I sat down at the type writer and rewrote them all for the zine. Char helped me put some pictures with them and have them ready for the zine. Josh came through with quite a few art pieces for the group, as did Sam and Mackenzie. Both of them worked through their pieces again to edit and enhance them. Hannah created a pullout for the center of the zine. Brian made an ad and another article. Amy put together our publishing information, dedication information, and contact information. Char was there for most of the afternoon putting all of the pieces together. He decided which pages would go where, and we all checked with one another to decide what the zine should be saying or how certain pieces should look.

All and all, it went together really well. Getting together at the beginning of the week and creating a plan really helped us to have everything together and finished by … wait for it … 5:45 today. Yes, I am telling you, we had this zine done before dinner. No joke, no lie, we were together and happy about it.


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