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Trial runs for them iterations

First I made a plan to finish all the iterations for class. It was detailed, though it didn’t start that way. As I worked on each project or thought about them throughout the days, I added more notes.


I worked on the motion map the most, therefore I have the most pictures. It took too trials before hand for me to really see how I wanted this map to play out.

While working on the first map, I realized you can’t really follow the movement of the page. So then, working from the first map, I made a black and white version with arrows to try and follow the motion instead of the people. For this one I picked one of the colors and followed it to the best of my ability. For the final piece, I used the black and white drawing to map out what I was planning to do, only bringing the colored drawing back to check for corrections or disconnected lines.

There were a few unsaved videos that are basically the same as the one posted. They usually only go for about 10 or so seconds as I would mumble, or stumble through my words. Or I would hear a particularly large bang down the hallway and needed to start over.

The notes for my mind map are on the iteration notes. The long list of random words at the bottom of the page are the words I used. I had originally planned to do it on a computer to make it clean but the website wasn’t working so I went in and did it by hand. I was careful to use nice, legible handwriting and for the lines to not create a jumble or overlap too many times.

Before doing the last telling of my story to my friends I verbally told the story lots of time through the week. I told my favorite parts to my mom on the phone. Later I gave some details to my aunt and uncle when they visited me on Tuesday. I also emailed my sister and talked about it in that. I don’t have any recordings because my language isn’t great for text. I tend to go off on tangents and not use the best language.

For the photo collage, I wanted to do a bit more. I wanted to use a few more different mediums and I wanted to do it on paper, not my phone. That didn’t happen. But there were a few pictures I wasn’t able to use so I thought I’d put them here. Say hello to the faces of the McLane group:


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