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Journal 3

Today was very interesting. I met up with Char before actually getting to McLane. I was walking with my friends Emma and Max, and we decided the four of us could lift the lamp post that was sitting outside the building. When we went over, however, the post itself was too heavy to lift and the metal was too hot to touch. Thinking it was stable, Max jumped on the post and the lamp popped off. The lamp itself wasn’t too heavy and we were able to move it to the Kohen Center.

Afterwords we actually went in the McLane center and began to work. I drew a colorful abstract piece of one of the creepy racquet rooms. I then drew an unfinished observation piece of the doorway’s corner.

After, Char and I decided to begin on an experiment. We went to the main entrance and laid down in the hall. I laid on my back, legs crossed left over right. My arm was at a 45 degree angle from my body and my left hand rested on my lower ribs. Char laid on their stomach with their backpack on, resting with head in hands.

While there, an older couple walked through us. Neither looked or even talked about us as they walked away. A bit later a student came by and was extremely worried. He was scared something may have been wrong, we assured him it was for art. We were then ignored by two more people. After that a group came in through the main doors but may not have seen us. We were out there for 15 minutes.

We decided to move to the stairs so anyone that took them would have to interact with us and make a decision on what to do about random bodies lying around. Unfortunately after another 15 minutes no one crossed our paths.


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